House Journal


Kitchen    Dining Room    Living Room     Bathroom     Back Porch

You have to meet our new love to fully appreciate her.  Here are a couple of views, front and back.

This street view of the house shows, from left to right, the garage, the breezeway, our house,the connector (walled up), and the rental unit.

The back view of the house shows its size better. Right to left. At the edge of the photo is part of the house across the street. Ignore it. Next is the garage. The small building with two windows above and one below is my office and storage room. Next is the breezeway. Next, the main house with back porch at the lower level and our bedrooms on 2nd story. Next is the rental unit, to the front and its mudroom and kitchen to the back.

October, 2011

We found "The House" with Tracy's help in late October. She sent the real estate listing under the subject "A Crazy Idea".  It was. We didn't need to buy a 200-year-old house in Bennington, Vermont.  But it caught our interest. It was a duplex. It had beautiful floors. It was in a great location. And it had just had the price reduced.

So we sent Tracy to look at it since it was 14 miles from her home and 1400 from ours.

She sent photos. We were smitten.